Executive Directors
Sara Byrd
Todd Van Haaren
A passionate power-connector,  Sara continually taps into her vast network  to match complex challenges with the best solutions, always eager to help a charity or cause in need. She brings nearly a decade of Federal IT experience and currently serves as Vice Presidnet, Business Development at Intelligent Waves, LLC.  
After spending almost 20 of his 25 years of IT with industry giants such as Microsoft and Software AG, Todd has spent the last five years as a dynamic leader for small business. He currently serves as Account Executive at HP Enterprises.
Board Members
Megan Edahl
Michael LaRosa
Monica Van Dyke
With over 10 years of non-profit experience, Megan has the knowledge and experience to make the vision real! She currently serves as the Business Development Manager for Destination DC .  
A mover and shaker, this DC-native has been actively involved in jump-starting co-working around the globe, grabbing huge sponsorship dollars, and a leader in the event scene. Mike currently owns the Wayfarer Advisory Group
An experienced attorney with proven client delivery and civilian healthcare business development, Monica brings an innate ability of team leadership and delivery teams as our newest member of the Board, heading up legal and brining her expertise to our Outreach Committee. Monica is the Vice President of Business Develop at FavorTech Consulting.